New Work for a New Year

 Lately I'm drawn into the studio each day to work on another version of the latest obsession which is the universal forces. The sky, moon, light and dark passing of each day are giving me new places to inhabit. The work is mixed media combining my new found encaustics (beeswax, damar resin and pigments) with oil pastels, found objects and pencil. The texture along with colors that seem to swim together is propelling me forward.


30 years ago

Looking through old drawings I came upon this one I had done of my son and his cat.


A room hung with pictures is a room hung with thoughts. Joshua Reynolds

Working now in a series of leaf forms I wanted this one to shimmer the way I saw leaves quaking on the trees outback.


The texture fascinates me.

Having been oil painting for years I have found the new medium that I'm using doubly interesting because of it's finish. The combination of beeswax, pigment and damar resin dries to a smooth, shiney surface that is enhanced by smoothing and rubbing it with my hand. Commonly called encaustic this ancient application of mixed mediums is gaining new recognition.


Getting dark in mid-afternoon.

This time of year calls for projects to occupy dark hours. I have moved my studio into a room with more light, two big french door windows but still find that by mid-afternoon on a dull day I'm looking for more light.

I am working on a series of paintings that are mixed media, incorporating encaustic paints, medium, paper and found objects on 10"x10" wooden panels.


Thanks for looking -

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               Dona Mara and Steven


Winter Gardening

My orchids are companions during the winter time, filling my need to touch the earth, keeping me close to the growth and flowering of living beings who continually renew my energy.

 Five oil paintings, 8" x 8" from the winter of 2011.The upper left with the dark background and the lower right showing the back of the orchid can be seen in the gallery at:



This image came to me while my dad was dying this past year. The upper version was my feeling of turmoil as he went between worlds, fighting to stay in the earthly realm. The lower version called TRINITY came with his moving on peacefully, letting go. Viewers have commented on how peaceful it is and how the positive / negative space leads you back and forth.

TRINITY can be seen at REDUX ART in Dorset,VT