New work in a summer of heat.

It was extra hot this summer so that working in a heated medium was less desirable. However when the spirit calls the artist goes to work. Perhaps the cool palette was my answer to making paintings with a quiet, soothing tone in spite of the weather.


Revisiting older work

The inquiry from a curious collector made me return to my storage area to look once again at some work that I had filed as "Potential". Asked "Do you have any more landscapes?" I remembered these 2 which I felt were almost finished. On closer inspection I gave each another scrutinizing and then added what was needed. This is the part of being a painter I love, that is the ultimate control to decide.


New Work

Working with a modular concept and fragments of everyday.

Doors to the inside.


OPEN STUDIO - an invitation

Normally an artist spends countless hours in solitary confinement. The process of making art is one that demands attention, focus, thought and a good deal of physical labor. So when it comes to OPEN STUDIO weekend in VT suddenly one's quiet, private world is opened and welcoming the world to come take a look.
Join us.....MAY 26 and 27 from 10 until 5 each day!

encaustic paintings 2012


Doors to the Inside

A  recent group of small paintings each 6" x 6", encaustic and mixed media on ceramic, before framing.



Recently in an interview I was asked about my use of color in my work and although I gave a spontaneous answer I like this one from Matisse much better.

With color one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft.
Henri Matisse


Can ART change the world?

Recently I had a show at the Equinox Village Gallery and in the sign-in, comments book that was there for patrons and viewers there was a comment from a man I didn't know but it said...Looking at your work is so peaceful.  This stuck with me, bringing up alternating thoughts of "oh no, my work is not in your face, punchy, controversial enough" to "wow, I was able to transmit peaceful energy to someone through my painting."
I stayed with the latter and decided to use it to spur me on, to continue "my challenge", combining the 3 interests that have stayed upper most for me.....painting, yoga and gaining in a communication with plants by growing them.

Special thanks to that gentleman for his comment.


Looking for the Essence

My newest work is shown in these 2 paintings. They are each 12"x12" mixed media. With each I wanted to combine  my interest in the natural forces that remain larger and more powerful than any one human being with imagery and materials that speak to the same. The top image incorporates encaustic medium, oil pastels, altered images and carving in about 12 layers.
The bottom painting uses similar combinations along with dried eggshells.


New Additions

My most recent exploration of encaustic painting became a journey in control.  The medium lends itself to abstraction with the fluidity created by working with heat and wax . This time I set out to try different painting techniques within the confines of the medium. These 2 "Grazing" and "Red Onions" are the results. You say "Why red onions?".....I say because " I grew them, dried them on the porch and ate them."


An ancient medium

Since I've been experimenting and using encaustic paint and technique it has caused a flurry of questions from those who view my work. The above 3 portraits are from a group called the Fayoum portraits which are of Greek and Roman origin. Painted when the subject is alive they are buried with the subject who has been mummified. The bottom one reminds me of a Modigliani painting.


Wow, to wax, women & work wonder.

workshop wow 2012 006workshop wow 2012 113 workshop wow 2012 114
workshop wow 2012 069
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workshop wow 2012 071
workshop wow 2012 076
workshop wow 2012 101
workshop wow 2012 104
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workshop wow 2012 087
workshop wow 2012 111
workshop wow 2012
being at a workshop for almost a week is first of all intense and amazing. the rest of your life is pushed aside as you’ve given yourself permission to experiment with process. everyday new demos by a generous teacher gives you once again ideas, materials and inspiration to create for the joy of it. and then there are others in the room doing the same, allowing, trying, doing…..the energy builds, you might explode but you want instead to do more, to see how you can edit all that information.
this was a workshop hosted by north country studio workshops at bennington college with daniella woolf teaching “encaustics with a textile sensibility”.

this is just a small showing of images i gathered from our workshop and others going on around us…..with thanks to the teacher and the various students whose images are being shown.


Cynthia and a ray of sunshine.

When my son called to ask about a work that he remembered me painting many years ago I looked again at it hanging on a wall of my home. The model who was a friend has passed away, my memory of working in another friend's studio, for this is the largest oil on canvas I've ever done, came back. This was in the early 80's and although it has been many times admired I kept it.  I called it my "Lucian Freud" in admiration of the painter who died this past year and had made figurative painting once again fashionable.


And the water rose up.

Although it is months since it happened I am constantly reminded of the time at the end of August when "the water rose up". No one would have predicted that a tropical storm from down south could cause such wide spread devastation as it did here in Vermont. As I began this series of small 6" x 6" pieces using encaustic paint and mixed media my interest in Japanese prints, notably Hokusai and Hiroshige 's became apparent.  I looked up their varied approaches to showing moving water being reminded that the Japanese know well the quiet and the tumultuous qualities of water.


My soul is from elsewhere,
I'm sure of that, and I intend to end up there.
Rumi ♥